About Mike Davis, Lawyer

I defend people who are being sued for what are typically labeled “consumer debts,” which are related to unpaid debts from credit cards or online loans, and sometimes student loans or automobile installment loans.

As an attorney who is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Michigan, I have a lot of valuable information and insight about how credit card lawsuits (and the lawyers behind the lawsuits) operate, and I want to share it with people around the country so they can help themselves out of a jam.

What makes me uniquely unqualified to represent you in debt-buyer lawsuits?

My attitude, sharpened over more than 25 years of practice, is that nothing can be taken for granted when it comes to representing my clients. I know that detailed pre-litigation counseling and investigation can avoid costly “do-overs” once a lawsuit has been commenced.

I am always mindful that truly diligent and zealous representation requires careful analysis of every obstacle and option presented in the course of a legal dispute. Finally, I never forget that, to most people, the legal process can often seem perplexing, frustrating and costly. Thus, I keep my clients informed about the “whys,” the “whens,” and the “wherefores” of their cases in a timely manner.

Why do I offer a money back guarantee on debt-buyer cases?

It’s a mark of confidence in my ability to win your case. No lawyer can (ethically) promise that he or she will win a particular case, but I can, and do, promise, “If I can’t get your case dismissed, I will return 100% of my fee.” People simply don’t believe it is possible to fight back against big finance and win, but it is! I bet my fee on it. Also, keep in mind that my fee is a flat (fixed amount) fee. There are no secrets and no surprise hourly bills.

How much is the flat-fee amount for a debt-buyer lawsuit?

In most debt buyer cases, I charge a flat fee. The client and I agree on a certain fixed amount at the beginning of the case. I can’t quote an exact fee for you here because there are a lot of factors that go into setting the fee, but I will be able to tell you my fee within the first five minutes of our first telephone conversation. Also, you don’t have to pay the fee all at once. It can be paid in several installments over a period of months.


  • Licensed to practice in Illinois and Michigan

Bar Association:

  • Chicago Bar Association

  • Christian Legal Society

  • Illinois State Bar Association


  • B.A., Indiana University

  • M.S., University of Chicago

  • J.D., The John Marshall Law School

Professional Affiliation:

  • Former Prosecutor 1992-1995

Practice Areas:

  • Debt-Buyer Defense

  • Collection Defense

  • Credit Card Lawsuits

  • Citation “Post Judgement” Proceedings

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The legal process can often seem perplexing, frustrating, and costly; thus I keep my clients informed in a timely manner about “whys,” “whens” and “wherefores.”


The legal process can often seem perplexing, frustrating, and costly; thus Mike Davis & Associates keeps our clients informed in a timely manner about the “whys,” the “whens” and “wherefores.”